Today’s organizations need more than a perimeter defense to secure their network. A comprehensive security solution should encompass the entire security lifecycle. There are three main building blocks of network security: Visibility, Control & Response. Each of these building blocks is crucial to support a full Security Automation & Orchestration solution that can shorten the time from threat detection to threat containment. The first step toward realizing an effective solution is complete endpoint and network visibility – discovering and identifying all the endpoints that may be vulnerable to attack as well as all networking infrastructure devices that enable network access.

As enterprises embrace the enhanced productivity gained from mobile devices, virtualization and cloud technologies, IT security teams face the evolving challenge of securing an increasingly complex and dynamic network.

FortiNAC offers unparalleled network visibility into enterprise networks. It enables organizations with complete endpoint and network visibility that can be leveraged in a variety of ways to enhance security via device profiling, network lockdown, and built-in analytics.

In summary, comprehensive endpoint and network visibility is the first step towards implementing a defensible security posture to protect an organization’s network. The next step towards the same goal is the ability to apply proper contextual information to implement various controls in accessing the network. Read about the second step in our Control section.