Each year, thousands of students converge on your campus bringing their mobile devices with them. Just a few years ago, the onboarding challenge was limited to a student’s laptop they received as a high school graduation present.  Now, students are showing up with 3 or more devices and want to connect them all to your wired or wireless network.

So how can you embrace the benefits of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) across your campus while ensuring security and reducing IT overhead?

Bradford Networks has provided a secure and easy onboarding process for students at over 500 EDU networks around the world. Attend this webinar and learn how you can: 

  • Safely allow student-owned devices onto your campus network
  • Get 100% visibility into all mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones connecting to your network
  • Enable an automated, self-service registration process for thousands of student-owned devices (laptops, iPads, gaming systems, IP TV’s )
  • Dynamically provision and control the appropriate level of network access for your faculty, staff, students, and guests
  • Confirm devices are fully protected before they gain access to your network and administrative networks
  • Detect and isolate non-sanctioned devices on your wireless and wired networks


Tom Murphy
CMO, Bradford Networks

As Chief Marketing Officer, Tom is responsible for the global strategy and execution of Bradford’s marketing efforts. In this role, Tom is focused on extending Bradford’s presence and relevance on the world stage, building and guiding Bradford’s global brand, to further the success of the company’s sales teams and partner ecosystem.


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