Our service offerings provide the information, tools, expertise and resources you need to solve real-world security challenges in your network environment.

We will help you integrate Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry solution with your existing infrastructure, correlate information about all devices and users on your network, automate security processes, and incorporate a proactive posture to quickly adapt to ever-changing conditions in the security arena.

QuickStart Service

Accelerate deployment, knowledge transfer and time-to-results of your Network Sentry solution with Bradford Networks’ three-day express QuickStart Service. Our highly qualified consultants expertly install and implement an appliance or virtual server so you achieve your objectives and realize a rapid return on your investment.

HealthCheck Service

Computing devices employed across today’s organizations change and grow at a dramatic rate while IT resources and staffing budgets often remain constant. Bradford Networks’ HealthCheck Service enables you to realize the full value of your Network Sentry solution, while continuing to meet your changing business requirements.

Hardware Upgrade Service and VM Transition Service

Your organization is ready for an upgrade when your appliance is at end-of-life (EOL) or under-capacity. Bradford Networks’ Hardware Upgrade Service or VM Transition Service will convert end-of-life hardware to a new appliance or a new virtual machine, and work with you to improve Network Sentry capacity (memory and storage) and overall system performance.

Smart Service

The Smart Service helps you get the most out of your Network Sentry implementation, based on your requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced consultant will leverage Network Sentry to help you create the appropriate policies and procedures that will enable you to ensure network security across your organization.

SmartEdgeTM Integration Service

The SmartEdge Service is designed to help you configure the integration between Network Sentry and your third party solutions and applications, so that you can quickly leverage their inputs and map them to notifications and control actions.