Network Access Control

A network is only as secure as the devices that are connected. As the number of devices on a wired and wireless network continues to grow with initiatives such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), so does the network attack surface for cyber criminals.


Network Sentry/NAC was purpose-built to deliver Network Access Control (NAC). It dynamically leverages the continuously growing library of security commands and controls built into today’s switches, routers, wireless controllers and wireless access points to perform pre-connect risk assessments on every device attempting to connect to the network. Unlike alternative approaches that depend on 802.1x specific hardware, Network Sentry/NAC leverages the existing network infrastructure to manage up to 20,000 concurrent devices from a single physical or virtual appliance. A manager of managers ensures growth and provides scalability to secure larger scale networks. Setup wizards, seamless integration, and intuitive workflows make installation and configuration simple.

With the growing number of devices on a network, network access control has become an essential component of the standard BYOD reference architecture. With over 900 BYOD customers, powerful integration with a broad range of wireless technologies, and an award-winning version 6 solution, Network Sentry/NAC provides the most versatile and proven approach to Network Access Control.