One of the most daunting tasks facing IT security teams is separating the real security risks from the thousands of daily low-level alerts. Considering the proliferation of specialized security solutions and functional silos throughout the enterprise, it’s a time-consuming task to pinpoint critical security events for further analysis and action. The wide-scale deployment of BYOD and Internet of Things (IoT) devices also exacerbates this problem by dramatically increasing the number of security alerts.

FortiNAC features a built-in, two-stage correlation engine that ingests security events from multiple security sources to enhance the fidelity of alerts and increase the accuracy of event triage. The most time-consuming aspects of security event remediation are:

  • Identifying the real security events hidden within thousands of daily alerts
  • Researching the contextual information around the events to identify and remediate any threats

FortiNAC solves both of these problems.

FortiNAC seamlessly integrates with the widest array of security technologies. It ingests alerts and information from multiple sources to accurately and automatically prioritize critical security events. FortiNAC also tracks 100% of the actions taken by every endpoint. It then analyzes this information and delivers the prioritized events, along with complete contextual information that is organized into a single dashboard, to an analyst for remediation. By correlating and contextualizing threat data across multiple sources, Network Sentry eases the strain on security staff by delivering complete contextual information, along with the alert, to dramatically streamline remediation.