Securing the “Internet of Things” When Everything has an IP Address

Endpoints are primary targets for cyber criminals. Traditional endpoints such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones support agents and can be centrally managed, configured, and protected. The Internet of Things will drive 4 times the volume of unmanaged devices on a network increasing the attack surface and creating welcome mats for unwanted threats. These unmanaged IP-based devices will be difficult to identify, unable to support an agent, and look like black boxes to security professionals. Without knowing the device type and its business criticality, containing a compromised endpoint will be challenging and time consuming.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Identify and classify every IP device on your network without an agent
  • Correlate high fidelity security alerts with device context
  • Minimize the time from threat detection to containment
  • Secure the Internet of Things

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