Reducing the Containment Time with Continuous Incident Response

Incident Response has always been a complex and time consuming process. It requires Incident Responders to aggregate security, network and endpoint information to find the threat’s presence and reconstruct an accurate picture of its foothold.

To minimize Incident Response time, high-fidelity security alerts, are now being augmented with a new warehouse of context providing the responder with unprecedented traceability during triage. In addition, network access controls are being leveraged to monitor, isolate, or block a compromised endpoint from the network in real time. By automatically correlating a live inventory of network and endpoint information with high-fidelity security alerts, Incident Responders now have:

  • Autonomy – No longer need to engage the Network and Endpoint teams to get the information the infrastructure details they need
  • Traceability – Can easily trace a security alert to the point of network connection and identify the compromised endpoints
  • Confidence – Leverage a new level of confidence enable faster responses
  • Priority – Understand the business impact on all security alerts creating clear priority
  • Acceleration – Minimize the mean time to contain cyber threats

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