Detecting Rogue Devices on your Network

Rogue devices are one of the top weak spots in enterprise security. Most companies do not even know when an employee connects an unmanaged hub or device that puts the network at risk.

As hackers increasingly target endpoints, it is critical that organizations identify and remove rogue devices. For organizations with compliance requirements, identification and quarantine is even more urgent, as compliance audits frequently require that only authorized devices have access to the network and data

Where do you begin?

This on-demand webinar will show you tools you can use to gain 100% visibility into every endpoint on the network and, at the end of the webinar, offer a free network inventory scan. Learn how to:

  • Identify every switch, router and access point on your network (this can also be used to verify or populate a Content Management Database)
  • Detect and prevent any rogue devices or unauthorized network gear
  • Add comprehensive historical reporting for all network connections – aiding compliance audit trails and security forensics
  • Learn about automated triage and quarantine options that identify and block rogue devices in real-time

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