Network Sentry is now FortiNAC, part of Fortinet’s product line. It will continue to deliver network access control, network segmentation and automated responses for IoT security.

The company’s patented FortiNAC solution bridges the gap between the Security Operations Center (SOC) and the Network Operations Center (NOC) by eliminating error-prone manual processes with automated threat response.  By automating the complex threat triage process and rapidly responding to security alerts, FortiNAC minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to corporate assets and intellectual property, protects the brand, and reduces the impact, time, and costs of containing cyber threats.

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Security through Visibility, Control and Response

FortiNAC enables organizations in defining and implementing a comprehensive security posture that starts with end-to-end network visibility, an ability to enforce dynamic network access controls and implement automated threat response.

End-to-End Visibility

  • Gain unprecedented network visibility including all endpoints and networking devices
  • Identify and profile every endpoint to enable network lockdown
  • Enable self-registration to simplify guest management

Dynamic Control

  • Automate onboarding process for large number of endpoints
  • Continuously assess risk of every endpoint on the network
  • Enforce dynamic network access control and enable network segmentation

Automated Response

  • Triage security alerts rapidly by tying it to user, device and network connections
  • Accelerate threat investigations with built-in analytics
  • Reduce threat containment time from days to seconds