Network Sentry

Security Automation and Orchestration Platform

Network Sentry offers a policy-based security automation and orchestration solution that continuously assesses the risk of every user and endpoint connecting to the network, and automatically containing compromised endpoints that act as backdoors for cyber criminals.

The company’s patented Network Sentry solution bridges the gap between the Security Operations Center (SOC) and the Network Operations Center (NOC) by eliminating error-prone manual processes with automated threat response.  By automating the complex threat triage process and rapidly responding to security alerts, Network Sentry minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to corporate assets and intellectual property, protects the brand, and reduces the impact, time, and costs of containing cyber threats.

Security through Visibility, Control and Response

Network Sentry enables organizations in defining and implementing a comprehensive security posture that starts with end-to-end network visibility, an ability to enforce dynamic network access controls and implement automated threat response.




Network Sentry Modules

Secure Enterprise Advanced (SEA)

Network Sentry SEA enables continuous risk assessment of every user and endpoint, and offers complete visibility of every device on the network, including network infrastructure devices such as routers and switches, and endpoint devices including IoT devices.  Other functionality offered by Network Sentry SEA includes scalable on-boarding, guest management, compliance management, and dynamic network access control.

Secure Enterprise Premier (SEP)

Network Sentry SEP empowers organizations to contain advanced cyber threats in seconds. It automatically correlates high fidelity security alerts from leading firewall and threat detection solutions with current and historical contextual information on compromised endpoints, users and applications to gauge business criticality of each alert. Implementing automated threat response bridges the gap between the SOC and the NOC by eliminating error-prone manual interventions.

Built-in analytics in Network Sentry SEP provides actionable reports that deliver real-time and historical perspectives on trends across the corporate network for capacity planning, audit trails, risk assessment and threat investigations.

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