To mitigate the risk of cyber threats, it is imperative for an organization to define and implement comprehensive security posture that provides end-to-end network visibility, dynamic network access control and automated threat response using existing network infrastructure, directory services and security solutions. An ideal solution should meet customer requirements and be cost effective without requiring a forklift upgrade of computing and network infrastructure.

Network Sentry delivers this functionality by integrating with leading third-party networking, security, directory and mobility products using hooks in its underlying SmartEdgeTM Platform. This open platform offers REST-based Application Programming Interface (API) that enables bi-directional communication to and from Network Sentry to extend visibility, control and response to the edge of enterprise network. In addition, integrations can also be accomplished using Syslog, SNMP and CLI.

With support for more than 1,500 different networking devices including switches, routers, wireless controllers and access points through SmartEdge Platform, customers can be assured of Network Sentry’s broad-based compatibility.