With endpoint devices being a desirable soft targets for cyber criminals, it’s imperative for an organization to have visibility into every device that is on the network, and possess real-time awareness of devices connecting to the network. Not having this level of visibility introduces a blind spot that can be exploited by adversaries to breach the network. The ability to designate an endpoint device as a “friend” or “foe” during the initial connection is a critical first step towards improving an organization’s security posture and protecting its online assets. In other words, “locking down” or restricting network access to allow only known, authorized devices to connect to the network can mitigate a wide range of security threats.

This practice becomes even more critical in the day and age of “smart buildings” that have built-in Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as surveillance cameras, HVAC controllers, locks, etc.  Awareness and security of these IoT devices can augment the physical security of smart buildings.