Network Access Control has evolved well beyond the initial capabilities of providing some visibility and limited control. The mega-trends of BYOD and IoT devices have re-shaped the network perimeter and expanded the attack surface, making network access control critical to achieving a secure environment. Comprehensive endpoint visibility is a given. Security and network organizations should expect to know who, what, where, and when any device connects.

Robust and dynamic role-based permissions that easily and automatically accommodate users and devices inside and outside the organization is paramount to maintaining a secure network. The ability to customize access and permissions by role or device type from a centralized location provides a singular and controllable view of the network security landscape.

Finally, network access control solutions must be able to scale – easily and cost effectively. Understanding and planning for future expansion and growth given the trend toward virtualization and mobilization should be top of mind for growing enterprises. Be sure the investment you make today will serve you into the future.

With FortiNAC, you have a solution that:

  • Delivers 100% visibility into every endpoint device
  • Features comprehensive dynamic network access control and permission capabilities
  • Scales cost effectively with organizational growth

Experts agree that it now takes a ‘security village’ to protect the enterprise network. The best network access control solutions have evolved into Security Automation and Orchestration. Built upon network access control technology, FortiNAC integrates security alerts and data from all network sources, then uses this knowledge to automate event triage and quarantine devices in real-time. Read more about triage and automated response.