In today’s open and collaborative work environments, visitors, guests, contractors, business partners and other non-employee staff expect “on-demand” connectivity to a company network. From a security perspective, blind spots associated with guest access and BYOD initiatives are a risk that should be proactively mitigated. Having complete Network Visibility is a critical element of a comprehensive security posture, and subsequently is a critical area of focus for CIOs and CISOs alike.

However, given the sheer number and type of wireless devices available in the market, it is critical to ensure a simple onboarding experience for these users, while minimizing the management burden on a company’s IT staff. Streamlining and securing the on-boarding of guests is often a challenge because their endpoint device may not be configured to comply with corporate policies. By identifying every single device and associating with the user, IT can differentiate between corporate-issued or personally-owned devices, and automatically provision network access based on each user’s role or relationship with the organization.