Secure BYOD

There are many tradeoffs when adopting a BYOD strategy. However, the benefits of productivity, usability, and cost reduction have to be factored against the challenges of risk, manageability, and overall security.


According to a recent SAN Mobility/BYOD Security Survey, over 60% of organizations are embracing some form of BYOD but only 9% of organizations are confident they know the devices on their network. There is therefore is a gap than needs to be addressed to enable a secure BYOD strategy.

Gartner and other analyst firms have also noted that, although the BYOD challenges and security policies are new to enterprises, educational institutions have been successfully addressing these challenges for years. Because Bradford Networks’ early customers were education focused, the company has a tremendous wealth of experience navigating the technical and political issues related to BYOD. This depth of knowledge is leveraged by our customers to provide visibility into their networks, streamline the onboarding process, prescribe effective and secure access policies, and automate the network access controls – keeping employees happy and productive while ensuring a secure BYOD strategy.