Securing Network Access for Guests and Contractors

The network has become an important resource not only for internal employees, but for guests as well — including visitors, contractors, and business partners. The ability to provide secure network access to guest users allows organizations of all sizes to become more productive, while increasing satisfaction for visitors and other guests.

However, extending network access to outside users can also create challenges for the IT department. These challenges include the increased potential for security threats — both deliberate and unintentional — and in managing network services for a broader set of users equipped with a wide variety of personal devices.

This whitepaper explores factors driving the need for allowing visitors, contractors, and other guest users to access the network. It discusses what an effective guest access control solution must do, how such a solution can address security and operational challenges, and the many benefits that it can provide to an organization. Finally, it introduces Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry’s guest management capabilities that provide secure access control for all guest users.

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