Network Sentry/Analytics

Network Sentry/Analytics provides a new perspective on the connections being made to your network


Network Sentry/Analytics leverages the data collected by Network Sentry network access control (NAC) to deliver reports and trends that keep you informed on the devices, users, and connections being made to your network. Organizations gain long-term visibility and answers they need to help ensure wireless network capacity, software licenses, mobile device support, and compliance.

Network Sentry/Analytics can be leveraged to report on multiple Network Sentry servers. The data is aggregated from each server into a data mart and archived, analyzed, correlated, and reported. Roles and policies can be defined so the right set of reports are read by the right set of people.

Flexible and Secure Network Access Policies

Analyzes long-term data on network connection data such as users, device types, operating systems, managed and unmanaged devices, access points, and duration to enable the most flexible and secure network access policies.

Wireless Capacity Planning

Trends the growing number of mobile devices, connections, and duration to predict wireless demand and the needed capacity

No Infrastructure Investment

Delivered on a cloud-based service that integrates seamlessly with the company’s Network Sentry solution with no management overhead.

Custom Reports to Address Company-specific Needs

Provides standards and custom reports, and third-party integrations can be leveraged to address customers’ specific data and reporting requirements.

Highly Scalable, Reliable Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Hosting Platform

Cost-effective and scalable for any size organization, and proven security practices from the pioneer in cloud infrastructure.